Capabilities & services

The challenge to win and retain customers has never been greater specially when it comes to customer experience and the information they need. Customers expect seamless and consistent interactions cross self-service/online, social media, email and assisted.

Whether you take the lead on providing customer care or you enable us to handle it for you, we have the tools to deliver the best possible customer experience during and after the sale.

We deliver a superior customer experience

Customer Care
We understand the importance of providing consistent, personal and valuable customer experience. Our Customer Care call centers enables you to focus on your business while we take care of the entire customer experience and helps ensure happy customers by (a) providing differentiating customer experience across client’s assisted and unassisted consumer channels (b) align your services with your business objectives for operational efficiencies and lower costs, (c) control every aspect of the service process, from initial customer contact through to resolution.
Web based CRM
We are focused on differentiating your brand by delivering a great customer experience by providing support tools that aim to enable fast handling time of issues, reduce support costs by minimizing interaction time and improve agent and customer experience through a intuitive web user interface.

Our proprietary CRM tool enables you to manage the entire lifecycle of your customer with a web-role-based interface for customer care team to manage the customer transactions including managing SIM cards, PIN and voucher distribution, activation and mobile number porting.
Customizable IVR’s, enable you to automate some of the most common tasks: such as account reload and account balance look-up.
Dealer and API Support
Maximize the reach of your brand by deploying our e-Commerce Suite. Our e-Commerce Suite enables you to better manage and monetize your customer after business hours or any time it’s convenient for them. Think about it as your 24/7 online wireless storefront. The e-Commerce Suite includes the ability for customers to purchase account reloads, apply account reloads to their accounts, manage their account and plans and perform self-care. Ztar offer full API interface to provide a flexible environment for your own application development.

Driving customer success

There’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage - - giving you the fastest way to drive foot traffic, increase basket spend, improve share of wallet, and generate recurring revenue streams for your business. Your customers are at the center of everything we do.
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